The Centre for Civil Society invites you to the following seminar:Topic: The World Conference Against Racism and 9/11 ten years after
Speakers: Ashwin Desai and Patrick Bond
Date: Thursday, 8 September
Venue:           CCS Seminar Room, 602, 6th Floor, MTB Tower, Howard College Campus
Time:             12:30-14:00

In the first week of September, 2001, the World Conference Against Racism was marred by intense power politics, including a walkout by the US and Israel. More than 15,000 civil society activists marched against WCAR, demanding that both Israel’s occupation of Palestine and reparations for slavery, colonialism and apartheid be tabled. Although the conference ended in failure, in South Africa it proved to be a crucial turning point in local politics, marking the rise of an independent critical civil society. In the second week of September, the attacks by Islamic militants on the World Trade Center and Pentagon heralded the rise of the ‘war on terror’ and the imminent decline of what had been a hopeful global movement for justice.

Ashwin Desai is a sociologist and the author of numerous books, including We are the Poors (Monthly Review, 2002) which sees WCAR through the eyes of activist leadership. Patrick Bond directs the Centre for Civil Society and authored the book Talk Left Walk Right (UKZN Press, 2006), whose chapter on WCAR focuses on its implications for global-scale race and reparations politics.

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