The Centre for Civil Society cordially invites you to attend a seminar

The fall of the ANC 

PRESENTER: Prince Mashele 
DATE: Friday, 28 March
TIME: 12:30-2pm, 
VENUE: CCS Seminar Room, 6th floor of Memorial Tower Building, UKZN Howard College Campus

Political governance in South Africa has all but collapsed. In their new book, The Fall of the ANC, Mzukisi Qobo and Prince Mashele try to pinpoint the cause of the problem. Everyday some new scandals makes newspaper headlines. Corruption, evidence of nepotism, rampant maladministration in provinces, incompetence in public offices and a general decline in the quality of leadership are there for all to see. The origins are in the messiness and collapse of the African National Congress. As helplessness deepens in our society, concerned citizens ask: What will happen to South Africa? The Fall of the ANC: What Next? seeks to answer this question of the fate that awaits the country.

Prince Mashele is the Executive Director of the Centre for Politics and Research. He is a leading political commentator and the author of The Death of our Society.


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