The Centre for Civil Society within the UKZN School of Built Environment and Development Studies invites you to the seminar –
Nonviolent pedagogies of Africa’s oppressed, from South Africa to the Great Lakes

Speakers: Matt Meyer and Elavie Ndura

Date:         Tuesday, 31 July 2012
Time:         12:30-14:00
Venue:       CCS Seminar Room 602, 6th Floor, MTB Tower, Howard College

Topic: The construction of grassroots movements for sustainable peace and justice in violence-prone South Africa and the Great Lakes Region requires a pedagogical underpinning appropriate for these different contexts. Improving the conditions of education and cultures of peace – through new policy, curriculum and pedagogy – can only be accomplished through the engagement of parents, students and teachers, which in turn requires principles of multicultural education, critical pedagogy and peace education.

Speakers: Matt Meyer is a New York-based educator-activist, co-editor of the two volume Africa World Press series Seeds of New Hope. He serves as co-convener of the War Resisters International Africa Working Group and UN NGO representative of the International Peace Research Association, and blogs at His co-editor Elavie Ndura is Associate Professor of Education at George Mason University, following her education at the University of Burundi, University of Exeter and Northern Arizona University. She has also taught at the University of Nevada.

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