The Centre for Civil Society invites you to the seminar Learning and Research in Social Movements by Aziz Choudry

Date: Friday 14 November, 2014
Time: 12h30 – 14h00
Venue: CCS Seminar Room 602, 6th Floor, MTB Tower, Howard College, UKZN

There is renewed interest in illuminating ways in which collective social struggles can be key sites of informal and non-formal learning and knowledge production.  While it should not be contentious for adult educators to acknowledge the various forms of significant learning that occur in such contexts, there has often been a disconnect between scholarly literature and the learning in the movement spaces which they theorize.  This seminar draws from the author’s organizing and education work in social movements, activist groups and non-governmental organization (NGO) networks and from his research and teaching as an academic engaged with the dynamics, tensions and possibilities of learning in social and political activist contexts, critical adult education and social change.

Aziz Choudry is Professor in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University, Montreal, Canada and Research Associate affiliated with the Centre for Education Rights and Transformation, University of Johannesburg. He is co-author of Fight Back: Workplace Justice for Immigrants (Fernwood, 2009), and co-editor of Learning from the Ground Up: Global Perspectives on Social Movements and Knowledge Production (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010),  Organize! Building from the local for Global Justice (PM Press/Between the Lines, 2012), and NGOization: Complicity, Contradictions and Prospects (Zed Books, 2013). A longtime activist, he currently serves on the boards of the Immigrant Workers Centre, Montreal and the Global Justice Ecology Project. He is also a co-initiator and part of the editorial team of, a website supporting resistance against bilateral free trade and investment agreements.

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