The Centre for Civil Society based within the School of Built Environment and Development Studies invite you to the seminar:

Climate, oil and activism in South Africa 

Presenters: Lorraine Dongo and Patrick Bond

Title: Climate, oil and activism in South Africa
Date: Thursday, 31 July 2014
Time: 12h30-14h00
Venue: CCS Seminar Room, 6th floor of Memorial Tower Building, UKZN Howard College

Topic: The 18 July announcement by Jacob Zuma in Durban that deep-sea oil and gas drilling will be an integral part of South Africa’s ‘energy mix’, immediately following the parliamentary address on climate by Environment Minister Edna Molewa, and the 2013 National Development Plan’s emphasis on high-carbon megaproject infrastructure (e.g. dirty energy, coal exports and port-petrochem expansion) together reflect the need for debate. Will the CO2-intensive energy/transport infrastructure plus oil, fracking and coal extraction destroy any hope that South Africa can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 34 percent by 2020, as was baited to world elites by Zuma and Molewa in Copenhagen at the 2009 UN climate summit? And will growing connections between climate-protection advocacy and community activism in South Durban result in a formidable narrative against port-petrochemical expansion? As ExxonMobil once again arrives in Durban (on 31 July) to debate South Durban communities about its deep-sea (3.5 km) prospecting strategy, how can researchers best address the challenge that climate change poses to fossil fuel extraction?

Presenters:  Lorraine Dongo is la doctoral student at University of East Anglia and a CCS Visiting Scholar with interests in climate advocacy and participatory politics. South Durban resident Patrick Bond’s books include Politics of Climate Justice (2012) and Durban’s Climate Gamble (2011). 


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