The Centre for Civil Society based within the School of Built Environment and Development Studies invites you to the seminar Climate Justice and Solidarity from Lima to Paris by Angus Joseph.

Date: Friday, 13 February 2015
Time: 12h30 – 14h00
Venue: CCS Seminar Room 602, 6th Floor, MTB Tower, Howard College,   UKZN

While acknowledging the role and function of localised grassroots actions to counter the destructive forces of capitalism and the side effects of Climate Change, we cannot overlook or over-simplify the larger global political and social narratives. As the world progresses from Lima’s COP20, and we descend into preparations for Paris’ COP21 later this year, we look back at the COP20 process and ahead to the year of actions and articulations building to Paris21. The thinking that should guide all planning for Paris is how can we use the global platform afforded by COP21 to maximally radicalize the climate justice movement to begin to adequately reflect the gravity of the ecological crises we face and to transform the capitalist system that is causing them. This will undoubtedly require the intersectional convergence with movements focused on the many other manifestations of capitalism (e.g. patriarchy, racism, colonialism, austerity, debt, housing insecurity, homophobia, etc.). The presentation will focus on experiences in setting up the activist convergence house CasActiva as the alternative space for COP20, as well as experiences at various community houses around Peru and Bolivia. The seminar will include Durban and South African climate activists’ preparations for Paris.

Angus Joseph is an independent communications engineer who has installed several temporary autonomous activist hubs around the counter-summits of United Nations conferences. The aim of the spaces Joseph creates is to highlight community as central to resolving the dissonance created by our capital-based society, while promoting and exploring alternatives as our mechanism for manifesting the new world.

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