The Centre for Civil Society based within the School of Built Environment and Development Studies invites you to the seminar: Climate Change and Global Policy Battles

Presenter: Mithika Mwenda  
Date: Friday, 15 August 2014
Time: 12h30-14h00
Venue: CCS Seminar Room, 6th floor of Memorial Tower Building, UKZN Howard College

Topic: The summit between US President Barack Obama and most African leaders last week did not properly take into account climate, especially the historic responsibility of the United States for Africa’s growing weather catastrophies. Instead, US-imposed carbon-intensive energy, mega-project infrastructure and neoliberal economic policies aiming for export-led, extractive-centred growth will exacerbate Africa’s climate crisis. Moreover, US negotiators are also saboteurs at the United Nations climate summits, including one in New York next month. The climate justice movement is reviving, especially its African chapters. Links are being made internationally that will help serve African interests even when African leaders are drawn into Washington’s agenda. 

Presenter:  Mithika Mwenda is a CCS masters student, and secretary-general of the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance. He spoke in Washington at this month’s civil society summit, the ‘Empowered Africa Dialogue’. The seminar will be broadcast on skype (contact if interested before Friday morning).

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