TITLE: Cato Manor between hope and possibility

PRESENTER: Peter McKenzie 

DATE: 13 March 2014 

TIME: 12h30 – 14h00

VENUE :CCS Seminar  Room MTB 6th floor Room 602; Howard College     


The landscape: shack lands sprouting satellite antennae, unoccupied industrial parks, treed avenues of middle class existence, historical dormitory dwellings matured with time, the narrative of structures, the historical chronology as physical representations of time. Amajondol, the creative shack spirit illuminated by ‘illegal’ electricity connections snaking the quagmire of poverty. The micro connected to the macro as the genesis of the photographer’s vision and its consequences.

To attempt a reflection on the ‘totality of life’ the team set out to document initially the fabric of life, the minutia that constitutes the totality. This exhibition is an attempt to take these individual contemplations and to present them as a collective whole and hopefully and insight, albeit cursory, into what the Cato Manor could be and not what it is now.


McKenzie is the new member of Durban based multi-disciplinary art collective Dala. He has recently co-founded the Durban Centre for Photography at the KwaZulu Natal Society for the Arts where he also serves as Council President. The DCP hosts regular workshops, photography student projects and exhibitions. He most recently exhibited in the ‘Rise and Fall of Apartheid’ at the International Centre for Photography in 2013 and Johannesburg 2014.

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