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Ad RFQ 01-23 Removal of Asbestos Roof and Replace with IBR Sheeting at Hut 8

Ad RFQ 02-23 Removal of asbestos and replacing with IBR sheeting at Hut 9

Ad RFQ 03-23 Security upgrade to admin block, RMS building and Vdrive

Ad RFQ 04-23 Fumigation of all Residences

Ad RFQ 05-23 Printing of the UKZN Touch Alumni Magazine 2022

Ad RFQ 06- 23 PMB Campus Quote for a Fence at Gate 5

Ad RFQ 06- 23 r PMB Campus Quote for a Fence at Gate 5

Ad RFQ 07-23 Proposed relining to sections of the old UG clay sewer pipes

Ad RFQ 08-23 Painting of labs and offices at Medical Biochemistry

Ad RFQ 09-23 Resurfacing of multi-use courts

AD RFQ 10-23 Strategic Plan publication of the University of KwaZulu-Natal 2023-2032

Ad RFQ 11-23 Exam Answer Books for May June 2023

Ad RFQ 13-23 Catering for VIPs at Graduation Ceremonies

Ad RFQ 14-23 Ablution upgrade to staff ablutions D block Westville Campus

Ad RFQ 15-23 Ablution upgrade to staff ablutions MTB Edgewood Campus

Ad rfq 35-21 Replacement of passenger elevators at ST Hillier student residence

Addendum 01 rfb 09-22 Replacement of elevators at UKZN Westville campus

Addendum 01 RFQ 05-19 27 Feb 2023

Addendum 1 RFQ 05-23 UKZN

Addendum 1 RFQ 35-21 UKZN

Addendum 2 RFQ 35-21 UKZN

Addendum RFQ 01-23 UKZN

Addendum RFQ 02-23 UKZN

Addendum RFQ UKZN 03-23

Addendum RFQ UKZN 06-23

Advert for RFB 01-23 Purchase of 22x 22-seater buses

Advert for RFQ CLMS 01 23 - 20 January 2023

Advert RFB CLMS 02 23 - 24 January 2023 - PhD student accomodation

Advert RFB CLMS 02 23 - 26 January 2023 - PhD Accomodation

Advert RFQ UKZN 03-2023

Cancellation letter RFQ 06-22

CLMS advert - RFQ06 2023

CLMS032023 Advert - Facilitation of Financial Literacy Workshop

CLMS042023 Advert - Student Laptops

CLMS052023 Advert - Facilitation of Work Readiness Programme

Graduation Academic attire -RFQ UKZN 54-23

Notice Of Cancellation Rfq UKZN 22-22r Replacement Of Condenser Cooled Packages At UKZN Howard College

Notice Of Cancellation Rfq Ukzn 26-22r New Chiller And Cooling Tower Installation Ukzn Medical School Campus

Opening Price Register For Rfb 01-23

Opening Price Register For Rfb 05-19 With Prices For Website

Ad RFQ 08-23 Painting of labs and offices at Medical Biochemistry

Opening Register for Price -RFQ UKZN 19-22

Opening Register For Price Rfb 09-22

Opening Register For Price Rfq 56-22

Opening Register For Price Rfq UKZN 22-22r-1

Opening Register For Price Rfq UKZN 26-22r-1

RFB 06-23-Construction of Multi-purpose Totorial Centre-PMB Campus

RFB UKZN 03-23 Construction of New Covered Social Space for Staff at UKZN Edgewood Campus

Rfb UKZN 05-19 Installation Of Air Conditioning And Ventilation To The Mechanical Engineering Building -Howard College

RFB UKZN 09-22 Replacement of Elevators at Block E,F and BRU at UKZN Westville Campus

RFQ 01-23 Price Register

RFQ 02-23 Price Register - Amended

RFQ 02-23 Price Register

RFQ 03-23 Price Register




RFQ 08-23 PRICE REGISTER - Amended




RFQ 14-23 Briefing Register


RFQ 35-21 Price register

RFQ 54-22 (R )Provision of graduation photographic services opening register

RFQ 67 - 22 Price Register


Rfq Chs 04-23 Supply Of Biosafety Cabinet

Rfq Chs 05-23 Supply Of Temperature Monitoring System

Rfq Chs 06-23 Supply Of Refridgerated Centrifuges

RFQ Chs 07-23 Supply Of Liquid Nitrogen Tank

RFQ CHS 08-23 Supply of Portable Airconditioners

RFQ CHS 09-23 Digital Directory

RFQ CHS 10-23 Inverter System

RFQ CHS 11-23 First Aid Training

RFQ CHS 13-23 Fetal Calf Serum

RFQ CHS 14-23 Supply Of Refridgerated Centrifuge

RFQ CHS 15-23 Piping For Cryorepository

RFQ CHS 16-23 Digital Directory

RFQ CHS 17-23 Diagnostic Testing

RFQ CHS 18-23 Gel Doc System

RFQ CHS 19-23 Piping For Cryorepository

RFQ CHS 20-23 Inverter System Re-advertised

RFQ UKZN 19-22-Replacement of the leaking hot water storage tanks-Westville Campus

RFQ UKZN 22-22R-1 Replacement of Condenser Cooled Package at Chemical Engineering Building, Howard College

RFQ UKZN 26-22R-1 Replacement of Trane Chiller At Doris Duke Medical Research Institute, UKZN, Medical School.

RFQ UKZN 54-22 (R)-Provision of Graduation photographic Services

RFQ UKZN 55-22 -provision Of Graduation Academic Attire Services

RFQ UKZN 56-22 Replacement of Chilled Water Piping in Denis Shepstone Building

RFQ UKZN 63-22 -Opening Register for Price

RFQ UKZN 63-22-substations Maintenance Contract-pmb Campus

RFQ UKZN 66-22- Advert For Installation Of A New Fence At Elizabeth Sneddon

RFQ-CHS 01-23 Security services in Stanger Grade 'C'

RFQ-CHS 02-23 Manufacture, Supply and Install Parkhome

RFQ UKZN 66-22- Advert For Installation Of A New Fence At Elizabeth Sneddon

RFQ-CHS 03-23 Supply of various Artificial plants with pots

RFQ-CHS 12-23 Security services in Port Shepstone Grade 'C'

RFQ-UKZN-RFS 02-2022 - Appointmetn Of A Supplier To Supply Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrophotometer - Ad

RFQ-UKZN-RFS 03-2023 - Appointment Of A Supplier To Supply Flow Cytometry - Ad

RFQ-UKZN-RFS- 01-2023- Appointment Of A Service Provider For Data Collection. Advert

Tender Advert RFQ UKZN 02-2023

UKZN RFQ 10-23 Addendum 01

Tender Advert RFQ UKZN 04-2023

Advert - Appointment of A service provider for student business advisory services

Advert- Appointment of A service provider to run RNA sequencing and basic Bioinformatic analysis

Advert Appointment of A suitably qualified service provider to review the impact of outsourcing marketing, distribution and warehousing functions on the sustainability of UKZN press.

Tender Advert RFQ UKZN 01-2023

RFQ UKZN RFS 12-2023 - Appointment of an external evaluator for UKZN'S DHET University capacity Development programme

RFB UKZN 11-23 -Construction of new postgraduate commons Howard Campus

RFQ UKZN 56-22R Bid Opening Register for Price

Opening register for price RFB 13-23

RFQ 24-23 Additions and alterations to students records and information

RFQ 26-23 Repair the damaged tar road

RFQ 27-23 Refurbishing of new academic office E2 - Westville Campus

RFQ 28-23 Tilling to Hut

RFQ 29-23 Gutter cleaning, Roof sweeping & Fullbore cleaning & maintenance