UKZN students and saxophonists Mr Mndeni
Mvubu (left) and Mr Sylvester Mavimbela.

UKZN Music students Mr Mndeni Mvubu and Mr Sylvester Mavimbela participated in the UNISA Saxophone Symposium held at the Centre for Jazz and Popular Music (CJPM).

Both students were invited to play alongside a variety of musicians and to attend a variety of workshops, master classes and concerts.

The students played with brilliant international ensembles such as Artvark from The Netherlands and the United Kingdom’s Apollo Quartet as well as interacting with South African presenters Karendra Devroop and Matthew Lombard.

Topics discussed at the symposium included practising techniques, repair and maintenance of equipment and literature for duos, trios, quartets and saxophone choirs.

Said Mvubu: ‘The Sax Symposium is really great especially working with other musicians and seeing their take on music routines and learning from them. It also allows us to learn from our mistakes and become better musicians.’

Mavimbela added: ‘What stood out for me was that you have to have a passion for music and to continue to work hard at your craft to make it in the music industry. Attending workshops and symposiums like these will only help you make it as a musician.’

Both students hope to attend more workshops and symposiums in the future.