Dr Elias Cebekhulu.

A book which examines the country’s political and socio-economic landscape was launched recently at the Howard College Theatre.

Written by Dr Elias Cebekhulu of the School of Social Sciences, the work is titled: Umhlaba Uyahlaba! The World is Thorny! Socio-economic injustices of the Post-Apartheid South Africa.

Cebekhulu said the idea for the book arose from the fact that many South Africans still lived in abject poverty. ‘The reality is that there are so many aspects of the socio-economic life of South Africans that portray the society as still grappling with factors that impoverished the general population during the apartheid era.’

He said the book aimed to enhance the knowledge of the reader in respect of new and classical thinkers in the fields of sociology, economics, African studies and public and social policy.

‘I have laid everything bare by not covering up some of the challenges faced by the country’s political leadership. The economic status of the average South African is still the same, 19 years after democracy. The book also focuses strongly on the issue of political parties and their leadership styles.’

Cebekhulu said the book was written in a style that made it a combination of personal, mostly eclectic ideas, shaped by his personal life experiences, but enhanced and substantiated with solid, well diversified and wide-ranging empirical research data.

‘Because of its detailed exposition of many aspects of our social reality, it can be used at many levels of studies. Those who look at government’s socio-economic policies with a critical eye will find reading this book very intellectually stimulating.

Cebekhulu, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Social Sciences (Industrial Organisation and Labour Studies), holds a PhD degree in Social Policy and has published more than 25 peer-reviewed articles in SAPSE-accredited journals.