info4africa staff and nurses from the Inkosi Albert
Luthuli Central Hospital celebrate Nelson Mandela
Day in the hospital’s Paediatrics Ward.

Members of info4africa – a self-funded Centre within UKZN’s School of Applied Human Sciences – visited the Paediatrics Ward at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital in honour of Nelson Mandela Day.

This ward cares for babies, young children and teenagers.  Nelson Mandela Day exists to spur all South Africans into action, by giving 67 minutes of their day to community service. Each minute stands for every year Mandela spent fighting for human rights and justice.

The UKZN team spent their 67 minutes singing Happy Birthday to Madiba with hospital nurses, and handing out care packages to patients. Each child received a toy, fruit juice, a fruit and treats. info4africa team members donated money towards the contents of the care packages.

Director of info4africa, Mrs Debbie Heustice, said: ‘Albert Luthuli was chosen as it is where one of our staff members, Ms Brenda Courtis, was hospitalised after a stroke earlier this year. Sadly, she passed away in early July, so our Mandela Day contribution was dedicated not only to Tata, but also towards thanking the hospital for taking care of our team mate. The staff were elated to enjoy this special day with our team, and the children were overjoyed with their gifts.’

info4africa exists to connect organisations working in health, wellbeing and development in South Africa. As database development, data collection and verification specialists, the team works to connect communities through collecting data.