Architecture student Mr Aqueel Rabin is a
finalist for the prestigious Mr India South
Africa 2016 pageant

Architecture student Mr Aqueel Rabin, recently became a finalist for the prestigious Mr India South Africa 2016 pageant. He will compete for the coveted title in Durban on December 15. ‘It feels absolutely amazing to be a finalist in this competition. It is both an honour and a privilege to be a part of such a large scale event,’ he said.

The pageant combines art, fashion and Indian culture while also providing a platform for the contestants to discuss key issues towards the development of youth.

Combined with a love for Indian culture, education and youth development, Rabin chose to enter and compete in the pageant, seeing it as a greater way to promote leadership and to provide inspiration to the South African youth.

Rabin, who is a member of Danny Absolute Models, is involved in various charitable organisations in Durban, often volunteering at the Verulam Day Care Centre. He plans on expanding his charitable acts to outer-lying areas as well as empowering youth.

A flair for the Arts, coupled with creativity and passion, Rabin gravitated towards studying Architecture at UKZN. ‘I love how buildings are designed, the science behind them and how architecture is shaping our cities and the world. Whether it’s architectural art or fashionable art, I will promote the essence of all art forms and the new global trends of these two popular topics that shape our modern world.’

His message to the youth is: ‘Break your boundaries and get out of your comfort zones. If you receive a great new opportunity, go for it because it could expand and create a brighter future for you. Never give up on your dreams and ambitions, because no matter how hard life knocks you down, always get back up and keep moving forward.’