Electronic Engineering summa cum laude 
graduate and top UKZN undergraduate
student, Mr Ridwaan Amod.

The Higher Education career of Electronic Engineering summa cum laude graduate, Mr Ridwaan Amod, is dotted with academic diamonds. 

Amod achieved success throughout his degree, receiving two of UKZN highest student awards:  the Lawrence and Constance Robinson Scholarship awarded to the best single undergraduate at UKZN and the Townley Williams Scholarship, awarded to the best student entering the final year of study.  Further to this, he is the Top UKZN student among 28 000 undergraduates.

And in his undergraduate years his marks averaged above 90%. ‘Ridwaan attained certificates of merit for 42 of the 42 modules he did in his first three years of study,’ said UKZN’s Deputy Vice Chancellor of Teaching and Learning, Professor Renuka Vithal. ‘He was also top of the class for 36 of these modules, scoring 100% in two modules; and was awarded the Dean’s Commendation in every semester since he has been registered.  This is a phenomenal and rare achievement which makes him one of the very best students at UKZN.’

Amod says he has always been fascinated at how fast technology progresses and how it can be used to make a positive difference to people’s lives.  His secret to success is ‘goal-setting, a balanced lifestyle and having the confidence to achieve excellence.’