Professor Sarah Bansilal

Low achievement outcomes in mathematics: Issues of learning, teaching and Common Sense


The very low learning  outcomes in mathematics are often cited as an impediment to sound economic growth in the country. Learning mathematics is a fragile process which is easily disrupted and requires special teaching skills on the part of the teacher. However besides the specialized teaching attention that a student needs, it is the educational leadership skills that are crucial in ensuring that learning opportunities for students are prioritized. In this paper, I share some of the insights gained from my research about factors which act against the achievement of success in mathematics learning.

Curriculum Vitae


Sarah Bansilal is a professor of mathematics education at the University of KwaZulu-Natal  and has established herself as a prolific researcher with over 100 peer reviewed publications in the area of mathematics education.

Her work has focused largely on the teaching, learning and assessment of mathematics. Much of her work is influenced by APOS theory which asserts that a person’s conception of a particular mathematics concept evolves over time, provided certain opportunities are provided. Her work on APOS theory has been published in prestigious journals such as Educational Studies in Mathematics and the Journal of Mathematical Behaviour.

Her  work in the use of Rasch analysis has important implications for assessment at school level For example in one study with colleagues  Long and Debba, Rasch analysis was used to investigate the assessment rubrics used in a provincial Mathematical Literacy examination. The analysis identified problems with indiscriminate mark allocations, redundant marks, guessing, item dependence, and the method and accuracy mark allocation techniques. These and other inconsistencies in the marking rubrics result in a test that is unfair because the total scores do not reflect a consistent scale. Her work in the area of Mathematical literacy has been recognised by the International Commission of Mathematics Education (ICME) and she was appointed as the Chair of the Topic Study group : Mathematical Literacy for the 2020 ICME conference to be held in Shanghai, China.

University Appointments

2018 – Professor, UKZN

2014 – 2017  – Associate Professor, UKZN

2011- 2013 – Senior Lecturer, UKZN

2002 – 2010 – Lecturer, UKZN

Recent Honours and Awards

  • Merit award from UKZN for excellence in University Service (2009)
  • Best Teaching Team in the College of Humanities (2016)
  • Top 30 researcher in UKZN (2012)
  • Prolific researcher in School of Education(2014)
  • Top 30 researcher in UKZN (2014)
  • Prolific Researcher in School of Education (2015)
  • Top 30 researcher in UKZN ( 2015)
  • Top five researchers in College of Humanities (2015)
  • Top five researchers in School of Education (2015)
  • Top ten women researchers in College of Humanities (2017)
  • Top ten researchers in School of Education (2017)

Recent Publications

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