On the margins: Writing History at a Time of Profound Political Change.

In this lecture I will present an overview of the main themes in my work over the past three decades, both its empirical content as well as theoretical and methodological endeavours. My writings have taken place against the backdrop of major political changes in South Africa, which are reflected in this lecture through an excursion into my own experiences at universities in South Africa and abroad, as student and academic. Historians often stand aside or above the topics they research. But as I considered the corpus of my work, and the scholars that influenced me, I realised that this cannot be avoided and so the lecture should be read, to paraphrase C. Wright Mills, as the warp and weft of my own history, against the backdrop of the rapidly changing political landscape in South Africa. In the telling of this history, I reflect on my writings on Indian South Africans, Islam in South Africa, and the politics of sport, while grappling with methodological and theoretical innovations. Some have argued that this kind of history writing remains on the margins; on the contrary, I believe that this approach provides more valuable insight into a society going through major political transitions such as South Africa.


Curriculum Vitae 

NAME: Goolam Vahed BA, BA (Hons), UHDE, MA, PhD


Indiana University, Bloomington, USA: MA, 1987; Ph.D, 1995

University of Durban-Westville, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa: BA, `83; BA (Hons), `982, UHDE, 1983.

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP:  Southern African Historical Society; International Association for the Study of Indenture and Immigration (Founding member and Executive member, founded in Suriname 2013); African Studies Association (ASA), USA.

ADMINISTRATIVE FUNCTIONS (UKZN): Academic Leader, Society and Social Change Cluster, School of Social Sciences, January – December 2012; Social Science Cluster Higher Degrees Coordinator, 2013; Higher Degrees Committee, Humanities (2007-2011); Post-Graduate Student Coordinator, History (2007-2011); Quality Assurance Committee, Humanities Faculty (2005/06); History Rep., Merger Discussions between UDW and UND (2003-04).

SPECIAL TASKS: National Research Foundation (NRF), Ratings Review Panel, History, 2011-2014; 2017 [Convenor in 2013 and 2017]; External Examiner for universities in South Africa and overseas; Review National Research Foundation proposals; Referee for articles for academic journals (ongoing); Editorial Board, Historia (2003-); Advisory Board, Gandhi-Luthuli Documentation Centre.

COURSES TAUGHT: From first year to PhD supervision

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Processes of identity and community formation; Sport, Religion, and Culture in Society; Migration and Citizenship; Bonded labour


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