Collection of Degree/Diploma certificates conferred

Dear Graduates, Students, and Staff

I am pleased to inform you that the Central Student Records Division of the University of KwaZulu-Natal will continue issuing Degree/Diploma certificates to eligible Graduates via the online Graduation Certificate Booking System.

The Graduation Certificate Booking System allows eligible graduates to select the following options:

Upon entering your student number and South African Identity Number (ID or Passport Number) on the system, the system will automatically generate a collection date.  If this date is not suitable, you may select another preferred or suitable date (excluding weekends and public holidays). The system will, however, not allow a retrospective date selection. Please note that with over 10 000 graduates from the 2021 graduation ceremonies, dates for collection will be filled very quickly and you may be required to be patient in this regard.

Please proceed to the following steps if you have no fees or other holds:

Step 1:

To access the Graduation Certificate Booking System for collection or posting of your Degree / Diploma Certificate, please click on the following link:

Step 2:

Username: Student no

Password: South African ID or Passport number

Click- Login

Step 3:

3.1 Enter your email address (This may be your UKZN Student email address if currently registered or your private email address if not registered for the 2021 academic year).

3.2 Click-“continue” to move to the next step.

NB! If there are holds on your student account, you will not proceed to the next step and you will receive a message to contact the either the library or fees office of your campus. Once the Library or Fees office has confirmed the hold(s) have been removed, please go back to the booking system to book.

Step 4:

4.1 Click to select qualification(s) you want to collect (if you have more than one certificate to collect, you can select both or all in one booking, alternatively, you can make a separate booking for each certificate);

4.2 Click ‘collection type’- to select collection or post;

If you clicked collection, you will be prompted as follows:

4.3 Click ‘preferred date’ – to select a date;

4.4 Click-“continue” to move to finalise the process. Upon successful login, you will get a pop up message “SUCCESSFULLY BOOKED”;

4.5 You will receive an email confirming your booking.

If you clicked posting, you will be prompted as follows:

Please note: Ensure that you capture your address accurately. UKZN cannot accept responsibility for the incorrect input of your address. Please do not capture both postal and physical addresses, capture only one address thus:

P O BOX 1          OR     1 University Road

DURBAN                        DURBAN

4000                                4000

For assistance in using the Graduation Certificate Booking System, please email any of these officials:

Please only send ONE email to the person named. Include ALL your details in the body of the email (names, student number, programme, campus).


Head of Central Student Records:        

  1. Collection of certificates

The system generated email received after successful booking will serve as your access permit to enter Westville Campus to collect your certificate. Should you miss your collection date, please go into the system edit your booking to choose a new collection date.

1.1 Form of Identification

On collection of your degree/diploma certificate, you will be requested to produce one of the following means of identification: your student card, smartcard ID/ID Document, passport, or driver’s license.

1.2 Third Party Collection

In case you are unable to collect your certificate in person, third party collection of certificates is permissible provided that the person collecting the certificate at the allocated time has:

  • Written consent from the graduate concerned (signed by the graduate), including the graduate’s full names, ID/Passport number, Student number, and the full names and ID/Passport number of the person collecting on their behalf;
  • Certified copies of the graduate’s ID/Passport and that of their own ID/Passport. The documents will be collected and retained by the official handing over the certificate;
  • The system generated email with the appointment date for the graduate concerned, as this will be required at the University gate for access to campus.

Without these documents, no certificate will be handed over under any circumstances.

1.3. Courier Collection

Please make the necessary arrangements in time should you opt to use a courier company to collect your degree/diploma certificate on your allocated date. If you had selected “collection,” please inform one of the officials as mentioned above responsible for your College 72 hours before the system generated collection date, and send a waybill number, signed consent letter, and certified copy of your ID or passport.

Please provide your Courier Company with this physical address:

Office no.225 or 226
Second Floor
MW Makgoba Admin Building
Westville Campus

If you want your certificate to be posted, select “post” and add the address to which you want the certificate posted.  Your certificate will be sent by registered mail, and confirmation of the tracking number will be emailed to you. The certificate will be posted to you within 20 WORKING DAYS of receipt of your request.

Please download the application form from here or the university website.

Complete the form and email it with all the required documents to ONE of the persons named on the application form as based in the College that offered your qualification. Once your certificate is ready for collection, an appointment email will be sent to you with a collection date, OR posted to the address provided.

The turn-around time for replacement certificates is 15 working days.


The University of KwaZulu-Natal reserves the right to cancel any booking to collect degree/diploma certificates if and when the government amends COVID-19 pandemic restrictions for stricter health safety and protocols.


Congratulations on your achievement.  We take great pride in the completion of your studies, despite all the trials and tribulations of the COVID-19 pandemic and the complexities of the preceding academic years.

We are pleased to inform you that the Digital Certificates Web is now live.

Every graduate will receive an email from UKZN advising them to access their digital documents.   Graduates who are yet to receive their email, may access the system using Google Chrome on    Please see user guides attached.


  1. Please open the website via Google Chrome.
  2. Please ensure that you do not leave any space before and after your email address (personal email address to be used) when trying to register (so don’t copy and paste it for example. Type your email address into the space provided, without any spaces).
  3. Once registered, you will receive an email asking you to click a link to confirmTHIS STEP MUST BE DONE, otherwise your registration won’t be confirmed.  

If you receive a message that says ‘user account approval needed’, please try and log in again a short while later. Your registration will remain pending if you register incorrectly i.e. if you do not type in your full names as per your identification document as required; or leave spaces after your student number for example.

  1. Once registered, you can log in and view your eCertificate as well as your eAcademic Record, and are provided with remote access to view and share your digital documents with third party(s).
  2. E-Certificates and e-Transcripts are not available to print or download for security reasons.


Queries (with the exception of fees queries) to be directed to  Please remember to include your student number in the subject line and body of the email, and clearly state the issue you are having. Please do not send repeated emails, and do not use any other email address for your query.

SHARING YOUR DOCUMENTS WITH THIRD PARTIES (Employers, family members etc.)

The link provides access to a third party to view and verify eCertificates. Please see the User guide attached.

Your certificate can be shared with up to three contacts (and you can add and remove contacts over time). A built-in safety feature is that when you withdraw a contact’s right to view your e-certificate, they no longer have access to it.


The link is the QR code verification site.



All graduates that have fees outstanding will not be able to view their eCertificate.

Your Degree/Diploma eCertificate WILL BE WITHHELD as a result of your indebtedness to the University in respect of outstanding fees, and/or library fines/books.

Please note that once you have cleared your outstanding debt and upon emailing the Fees Office on your Campus (details below) with your proof of payment, your eCertificate will thereafter be published on the Digital Certificate Web. You will receive an email once it has been published. 

If your certificate isn’t showing, but you believe you do not owe fees, you still need to direct your query to the fees office on the relevant campus (see fees office details below).   Please DO NOT SEND these types of queries to the help line / queries email address. Student fees needs to assist you first.  The certification admin team are not able to assist with fee queries and clearance.

Electronic fee payments and deposits can be made to the following bank account:

Bank: Standard Bank

Account No.: 05 308 1072

Branch: 04 54 26

Reference No.: Student Number (Mandatory)

Please contact the Student Fees Office on your Campus on the email addresses listed below if you have any queries regarding the above,  send proof of payment, or if you have already met your financial obligations to the University. Remember to include your student number in the subject line of the email you send to the fees office.


Medical School:




Bursary and Loan queries should be directed to the Student Funding Office.


All graduates that have library fines/books outstanding will not be able to view their eCertificate

Electronic payments and deposits can be made to the following bank account:

Bank: Standard Bank

Branch Code: 045 426

Account Number: 053 080 998

Reference numbers should be used for payment. They must reflect on your proof of payment:

Reference for library Fines: 2064 – 11857

Reference for ILL fines: 5251 – 30352

Reference for lost books and Admin Fee: 2076 – 30354

Proof of payment to be emailed to the relevant library contact person below:

Howard Library: Mr Omesh Jagarnath -  

Westville Library: Mr Sipho Khumalo -

Edgewood Library: Mrs Sushiela Naidoo -

Medical Library: Ms Praba Naidoo -

Pmb Library: Mrs Celeste John -  

To access the Graduation Certificate Booking System for collection or posting of your hard copy Degree / Diploma Certificate, please click on the following link: or copy and paste this link into your internet browser (preferably Chrome).


This is the only link to access the booking system.  The official UKZN Graduation Certificate Booking System is offered without cost to every 2022 UKZN graduate.


The UKZN Graduation Certificate Booking System allows eligible graduates to select the following options:

  1. to personally COLLECT their certificate(s) on the Westville Campus (collection point will be recorded on the access letter email after successfully completing your booking); OR have a family member / friend to collect their certificate(s) as per the access permit email /letter details; OR to source and pay for a reputable COURIER company to collect their certificate(s) (at cost to graduate) on the collection date as confirmed via the booking system

  2. to have their certificate POSTED by registered mail (at no cost to the graduate);

For assistance in using the Graduation Certificate Booking System, please email any of these officials: Please only send ONE email to the person named. Include ALL your details in the body of the email (your names, your student number, the degree /diploma being applied for, the Graduation ceremony that applies, your College), and your student number in the subject line of the email.

Issued by
Dr K Cleland

UKZN User Guide eCertification