The Senate is accountable to the Council for all the teaching, learning, research and academic functions of the University and all other functions delegated or assigned to it by the Council.

Composition of senate

The senate, subject to the provisions of the Act, consists of:

  1. the vice-chancellor;
  2. the deputy vice-chancellors;
  3. the executive dean of students;
  4. one representative from the council who must not be either an employee or student and who is elected by the council;
  5. the chair of the support sector board;
  6. the director of library services;
  7. the director of quality promotion and assurance;
  8. the chair of the institutional forum;
  9. the president of convocation or nominee;
  10. the university dean of research;
  11. the college deans of research;
  12. the college deans of teaching and learning;
  13. the college managers responsible for student academic administration for the college;
  14. all heads of schools;
  15. two permanent academic employees from each school duly elected by each such school;
  16. a fellow of the University who is a permanent member of the academic staff of the University, elected by the fellows;
  17. six student representatives, one from each of the campuses, duly elected by the local SRC for that campus, and one student representative from the central SRC having been duly elected by that council;
  18. such additional members as are approved by the senate.